I ❤ the Weekend!

7:33 PM

So, I know it's been super slow around here, but I've been busy making art and working after-hours at school, so, when I get home, I'm basically done for the night.  I'm looking forward to Spring Break and time to focus on projects that don't necessarily have deadlines!  This weekend, Joey and I have been working on our individual creative endeavors, and helping one another move forward with them as successfully as possible.  The time spent creating, and the time spent relaxing, is DEEeeelightful!!! I hope everyone's February is going swell and that you're enjoying your weekend as much as I am.

Noodle Doodle being lazy on a Saturday.

The TSW Seasonal Wrap and the Spinny Shroom from Trolley Stop Market are sooooo good!

Following my goal to become a little bit more environmentally friendly this year, I bought my first bar of solid shampoo from Lush.  I have to admit, I was extremely surprised at how well it worked, and how much I loved it.  My hair feels and smells great, the ingredients used are natural lighteners for blond hair, and a plastic container was completely eliminated from the equation!  Also, because my sister-in-law, Cheri, is awesome (all 3 of my sister-in-law's are awesome!) and made "spa" products for Christmas, I used a home-made mask to condition my hair as well!  The bar looks like it's going to last a while and it just took a few strokes in wet hair and immediately I had a head full of shampooing fun.  I can now officially say that I highly recommend solid shampoo!  Lush had some awesome options, but they're definitely on the pricier side, so if you're interested, I would look up some home-made options on Etsy.

Rediscovering Ed Emberly.  My kids at school LOVE these!

An AWESOME way to save, up-cycle, commemorate, and memorialize your toys while bumping up your home decor a notch!

I want my walls to look something like these someday...

Some amazing Art to check out:

The circles are only seen at one specific location, otherwise, they are fragmented.  
Found at: http://honestlywtf.com/art/trompe-loeil

Balancing tight-rope sculptures!
Found at: http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/tightrope-walking-sculptures

And, last, but not least, I'm loving this fishtail braid!  Joey likes my short hair, but he's voiced that he prefers it long, so, I'm thinking this may be the motivation I need to grow it long again.  We'll see... though, my hair-do outlooks do tend to change daily ;)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week!

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