Friday Snow Day!!!

12:32 PM

Happy big fat snow flakes, everyone!  Today, trapped in from our vicious blizzard of a snow storm, I have been buzzing around like a mad woman, drawing, cleaning, educating myself on topics I would like to know more about, and then getting back to drawing... and multitasking all of these betwixt one another!  Being able to devote a day just to art-making is amazing!

Last night, Joey and I sat down to watch the movie Bronson, a film about Michael Gordon Peterson (aka Charles "Charlie" Bronson), a British man who is currently serving a life sentence in prison and has spent ALL but four of those years in solitary confinement!!!  He initially began his life in prison after being convicted, at age 22, of armed robbery (he only got away with 26 some-odd pounds) and was sentenced only to seven years.  Since then, he has furthered his sentence and gained the reputation of being Britain's "most violent prisoner", taking hostages in his cells, fighting groups of prison guards, making threats to kill others, etc.  Needless to say, the guy is a little on the intense side, but nonetheless interesting.  During his stay in prison, he has managed to become an excellent boxer, artist, and has written a book on working out in small spaces.

P.S. - Tom Hardy is a stud.  Not like Joey, though ;)

Anywhoo, whilst we were enjoying the insanity that is Charles Bronson, I decided to pick up my dusty knitting needles, stretch my fingers, and have a movie date with one of my favorite activities that I have recently neglected.  A beautiful reunion it was and I'm very happy with the product... and, it was completed within the time-span of a feature film.  What do you think?  It was super easy with this wrist-band pattern and then me having fun with my button collection.

Like I said earlier, I have been multi-tasking this morning and educating myself has been one of my tasks.  While cleaning and drawing, I had the movie Food Inc. playing (Watch Instant Netflix is AMAZING!).  I want to begin doing more reviews of the books and movies that I watch and this will definitely be one of them.  It's an extremely important film that covers issues that span far beyond just the food industry in our country.  I highly recommend it and will pay more due attention to it in another post.

For your snowy weekend pleasure, here's a fun little stroll through the Internet...

OOoo, I like Happy Tape :)

Would you ride this amusement park ride?

I'm in LOVE with this chick's hair:

Cropped T - Red Tie Dye

Sometimes I have beard envy...

And, for something wondrous to behold:  Iceland... Oh, so beautiful!

Have a great weekend!  The Gus man is celebrating his 1st birthday this weekend!!!

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