6:52 AM


So, my hair is getting to that point where I either need to cut it or grow it out long again.  Decisions, decisions...

I found this photograph of this lovely lady off of Snippet and Ink with a link to her engagement shoot and I'm digging her hair. I'm wondering if I could pull off a similar haircut/style.

I also like this one (below) for a short cut...

Then there is the thought of growing it out long again.  It was more maintenance than I would like, however, I've just recently found some fun hairstyles to do with long hair, such as the sock buns and sock bun curls, and this Frida Kahlo tutorial, so, I'm torn.  Also, I've had fun in the past playing with my hair:

What do you think?  Go shorter, or grow longer?  You might not care in the least, which I understand, but I'd love some feedback if you do have an opinion :)

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