Happy Friday!

8:25 AM

Happy Friday, everyone!
Here are just a few things that delighted me throughout my week:

1. Our garden and our front flower bed:

My first Dahlia to bloom this summer!

I have more pictures of our actual raised bed garden that we built earlier this summer, but alas, our computer is slowly dying and doesn't have the space to upload pictures, let alone perform any other important function.  I'll get you before and after pics of the garden soon enough, though, which leads me to my second delight of the week...

2. Joey and I's anniversary gift to one another:


(photo via divergentadeluxe.wordpress.com)

Yes indeed, folks, it's about that time and this wonderful old friend of mine has been requesting retirement in some not-so-very-subtle ways.  This kind of erratic technological behavior has definitely not been good for business...  

For example; whilst recently working on my sister-in-law, Dani's, invitations, I went through a comical (in hindsight) fiasco of completing the final product of invitation, RSVP, and registry info on a crippled computer. This forced me into using better computers (thank you, Joey) that were not mine and did not use the same version of Photoshop (mine needs updating).  This unhappy circumstance was, at this point, unavoidable. Therefore, once having completed the project and having it ready to print, Kinko's and I soon found them NOT to be compatible with their version of Photoshop resulting in me having one meltdown over the phone with Joey and then, after pulling myself together, having to completely redo the final product THREE different times before Kinko's could actually print them.  The employee at Kinko's who helped me was a Saint and I told her after all of her patience with the whole ordeal that I could kiss her... however, she just told me that she didn't drink, but to go have a couple for her anyway... I obliged.

Invitations, thank you cards, note cards, etc. are projects that I really enjoy doing for the creative process and the ability to give someone something original for their special occasion.  So when the process is THAT difficult due to something minor, it becomes very frustrating.  My ideal career would be to work, on my own, on my creative abilities.  With an old, worn out computer standing in my way, though, the challenges for making that happen only get worse and more chaotic.  Joey, as well, uses this computer for creative purposes when writing and researching, but we've also discussed buying some film editing software for future film projects, which would be amazing.  Therefore, Joey and I are buying one another a computer to share and to love and to work on... and that makes me SO unbelievably excited and happy!  Hopefully our new addition to the family will be bought and ready to be introduced to the world within a week!  

3.  Our anniversary:

A BIG "Thank You" to Joey's cousin's Chris, Rachel, and Amanda, who each, unknowingly, gave us gift certificates to the same awesome restaurant, Alchemy, for Christmas!!!  Naturally we sat on these gift certificates for 6 months and used them to have a KICKass anniversary dinner!  We felt very fancy having no inhibitions about what to order. Joey got a fancy steak dealy and duck spring rolls with deliciously hoppy, yet smooth beer and I ordered a duo of dips (hummus and black bean dip) and wild mushroom pancakes with sauteed spinach on top as well as TWO fancy martinis... hell, we even ordered dessert (a trio of cheesecake samples)!  ALL of it was delicious and we enjoyed our dinner immensely!

Afterwards, Joey surprised me with tickets to the Dave Chapelle stand up show at the Orpheum (WhAt!), which was SUCH a cool and unexpected gift!  It was awesome to see Dave again and the show was really funny, however, there was a pretty insane amount of drunken hecklers who consistently interrupted the show with their irrelevant and ignorant banter.  Oh well, what are you going to do... Mr. Chapelle, I apologize for the city of Memphis and the few unfortunate fools who were sloppy at your show and don't know how to handle themselves... please don't rule out Memphis if you decide to tour in the future!

Bad camera photo (another casualty of having a slow computer) of Joey and I before the show.  Even still, he's so handsome.

So those are my happy's for the week!  What are/were yours?  Anything exciting happen or about to happen? Hmmmmmm...

Goodbye for now and love to all!

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