Happy Thanksgiving!

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I know this post comes a day late, but I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!  I hope that everyone got to enjoy some time with their loved ones and enjoy a potluck of delicious thanksgiving foods!!!  Also, I hope everyone got at least one food-induced coma.  As gross as it is to think about passing out from all of the food you've just stuffed down, I swear it's the best nap of the year, and if you're going to get that one nap a year, then I say take it... cause it's amazing!

This year I made apple spice cake for our two families, Joey made deviled eggs, and we both made that boilo (Hard Apple Cider) that I was wanting to make a while back.  It was delicious and was perfect for a cold, rainy day.

My favorite food out of the whole Thanksgiving feast has to be the dressing.  Never mind the turkey accompanying the dressing (although that's delicious too), just give me the dressing.  Joey's family has a tradition of making home-made ravioli (this is a serious under-taking!) and serves that as their Thanksgiving feast on his mom's side.  It's delicious and OH HOW I LOVE RAVIOLI!!!  So, how was your Thanksgiving and what's your favorite Thanksgiving food?  If you're having a low-key break this year, then are you doing anything exciting?

I got into the holiday spirit during a thesis break and pulled out some pretty glasses, arranged them with candles, and folded some magazines to look like trees.  The candles and one of our throw blankets definitely help to make the room feel warmer when it's cold indoors.

Since it is that time of year, then I figured I would post some items that my be fun for all different sorts of folks for the holidays.  Let me know what you think of them!

For the lady who wants to send a subtle message...

If you run out of or need another bow to slap on a gift, don't run to the store, just run to the pantry...

Holiday manicure... End of the semester gift to myself?  Hmmm, yes I think so :)

For the smallest of folks... children's books and their characters as plush toys!

Nerd Boyfriend... and his clothes.

Although not always the most affordable option, J.Crew's gift guides offer awesome items as well as inspiration if your drawing a blank for someone special.

Not to leave the boys out on this list, here's askmen.com's "Top 10" gifts for Christmas.

Etsy's gift guide's are always fun, especially when they help to personalize each guide to themes!

And, last but not least, if you're still having a bit of trouble, here is a neat "Santa's list" that feels much more reflective and appreciative of the years events, instead of just a list of wants.

And, here are two animal videos that make me happy...

and, for the hell of it (I was going through my itunes and songs I haven't visited in a while)... 

Have a great weekend and love to all!

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