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Happy Weekend, everyone!  I hope that you have at least one day planned for relaxation.  Joey and I are both suffering from some kind of funky head cold thing, and I'm really hoping that it doesn't turn into anything more than that.  It's not the most convenient time to be significantly sick, but then again, when is? 

Mumbai Hot Chocolate?... Yes!  Found here.

So, what better way to ward off gunky sickness than to think happy thoughts and find fun things to observe and inspire.  I have a bunch of fun links this Friday, so saddle up!  Also, I've got some fun listening down at the bottom if you want to dance in your chair while you browse through fun stuff.

First off, with the Holiday season just around the corner, here are some Holiday themed links:

I found an awesome new website to waste time on.  It's instructables.com.  Find out how to make just about anything and everything here.

Check out these origami paper ball ornaments made from recycled magazine pages.  I made similar ornaments the year before last, and they turned out great.  Also, they are great for adding surprising touches of color to a christmas tree, or anywhere else that you hang them!

We all remember cutting out snowflakes when we were in elementary school... why did we ever stop!?!

Garland is always festive and adds an exciting element to a home's decor, especially during the holidays!  When your trapped in your house due to the cold, why not give your eye some new and exciting visuals to feast upon?

And, last but not least for the christmas stuff... this link is for Jeannie, or anyone else who has a train lovin' toddler.  Lindsey, you might want to bookmark this one for a year or so from now...

Ahh, done with that portion, but I'm sure I'll dig up more for later.  On to the next "themed" links... MUSIC!

Four hands Guitar...

And, a guy who makes instruments out of vegetables... Fascinating!

A new and toe-tappinining tune collaboration between Ben Folds, Nick Hornby, and Pomplamoose!

Have a great weekend!

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