Jalapeno Jelly!

9:52 AM

Check it out!  My sister Lindsey, who has always had an aesthetically able eye, has gotten little Gus man's nursery in a color challenge on Ohdeedoh!!!  She has done a fabulous job decorating his room and not only with color choices and accent pieces, but in the arrangement of the room as well.  It's a really small room, so it could easily become crowded and feel claustrophobic, however, Lindsey has flawlessly selected the furniture and decor that give the room a rich personality and filtered out (yes, my sister is a hardcore organizer/cleaner which is awesome, because I'm not) the everyday clutter that threatens to steal the room's aesthetic and character from those living in it.  On top of all of this... it is functional, AND cute as hell for a nursery.  I know the littlest Hill approves.  Gus's Jalapeno Jelly room is so much fun, but it's not Gus's room completely until the little Gusbuster man is in it.

So, go to the link and vote for Gus's room!  It's fun and it'll make you smile!

Lovely little Hill family.  I hope you guys don't mind me stealing some photo's from off of the website and your FB profiles :)

There are so many awesome house tours and kids rooms tours on apartmenttherapy.com you should definitely check it out.  Lots of visual inspiration for your home, nursery/kids room, kitchen, the technology in your home, and how you can become more environmentally conscious in your own home.

In fact, I've been putting to good use this helpful list (found on Apartment therapy) to easily keeping your home clean and organized each month.  So far, so good as the place is actually looking clean on a consistent basis.

And, for your weekendly browsing pleasures, here are some fun links from around the web:

First off, wh-wh-wh-where DO you find one of THESE!!!

I just can't get enough of recycled appliances/junk turned into functional furniture and home items.

DIY no knit scarf!

Check out Emma Watson's (Hermione) new hair via thesensesfive.com and beautiful holiday hair via a cup of jo!  I love it!

So, that's what I got for links this weekend.  This weekend I'm hoping to be super productive with my thesis, beautify a lamp that's been waiting for a face-lift and a place in our home, and clean up the workroom in our home.  Wish me luck.  And, because I want to send out some love to both of my nephew's and give a shout-out to my best buddy, Joey while he's at work, here's a couple of awesome pictures of Joey and Jeremy on their Boys day here at our house:

This is what Jeremy would look like if he were the sun.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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