Half-way to the weekend!

2:52 PM

I'm loving this series, "Style.Play.Work.Shop" from Compai Blog.  The ladies over there throw out about 5 random items (this week's was ribbon, squash, envelope, jewelry, and bottle) and they and other bloggers or readers who would like to participate arrange these items in a picturesque way and photograph them.  Then, they display some of the best shots on their blog the following week.  Brilliant!  No contest or prize, just a good ole' incentive to go and get creative and make something beautiful.  I would be participating, however, I'm really good at distracting myself, and I don't need to distract myself with this until I'm finished with this semester.  Maybe next year!

So, check it out!

Photo collage taken from Compai Blog.

I hope the rest of your week treats you well!

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