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7:29 PM

This week flew by!  It seems like everyday there was something going on so that by the time I made it home it was time to go to bed and do it again.  That does not mean, however, that I didn't enjoy the week.  The beginning of this week was pretty rough with a few classes that decided to act like CERTIFIED LUNATICS instead of actual human children who sometimes act endearingly looney.   After Tuesday, though, the week began to look up and good times and lots of productive art-making began to happen.

The "napkin box" for "P.F. Chains" was actually made out of tissue paper.

Some of the kids "Restaurant Noodles" artworks.  The restaurant above must have some seriously high demands for Dr. Pepper as opposed to sweet tea, diet dr. pepper, and coke :).  And, below, the bulletin board plus the door to my classroom.

On top of working on the C-STEM Challenge, an extra-curricular program that a few of the teachers and I are participating in with the kids, I've been working on an art contest with the kids where the grand prize is a 75 gallon living coral reef aquarium!!!  Fingers crossed we'll win, however, if we don't, then that's one 75 gallon aquarium that I won't be maintaining and one beautiful piece of artwork made by the fantastic 5th graders at Oakhaven to hang up for everyone to see.  The C-STEM Challenge is pretty exciting as well.  It's a set of 6 challenges that the kids will have to complete and compete against other schools (mainly schools based out of Houston, which is where we will finally be competing in April).  We're the only school in Tennessee participating and knock-on-wood Memphis makes a name for themselves while competing in Houston, TX.

Besides school stuff and constantly keeping up with how the educational environment is changing or trying to change, life has been very good.  Joey and I enjoyed a semi-disappointing opening game with the Grizzlies game with our friends Zach and Sara.  Great company and a fun team to watch, Joey swears that when they stink it up during their first game of the season, the Grizzlies always do well during the rest of the season.  We shall see, won't we :)

 I still need to work more on my thesis and hopefully, sooner rather than later, I will blink and find myself with a master's degree.  In the meantime, I need to find more self-motivation.

As for today, however, it's Friday; a much needed Friday for many, so therefore, we shall proceed with fun non-work-related distractions and goodies!!!

Feaston Photo | Michael Buck

First off, Fall has finally decided to settle in with cooler weather, so Joey and I are bundled up in our duplex wondering when it's appropriate to turn the heat on; now... or are we just being babies?  So, while we ponder when to turn the radiators on or not, I'm thinking I'm going to try to make some of this delicious sounding hard apple cider (Apple Pie Boilo) which I'm sure will do the trick and warm us up.  

I love enchiladas, and a mexican dinner night sounds awesome!

Awww, man, check out this stringed-instrument shop!  Although the apple ukulele is awesome, I think I'd want the banjolele, so I could rock out like this:

If anything has every "plucked" at my maternal heartstring, I would have to say it was this precious little video.

Who wants to go camping so we can bake a cake in an orange peel over a campfire for dessert!!!  An alternative for anyone who is crazy and doesn't like smores.

That's it for this week.  You guys have a great weekend and love to all!

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