Fall Break

7:52 AM

Fall break has arrived and with it a beautiful weekend full of opportunities to be productive.  I'm looking forward to making some serious progress on my thesis paper and cleaning my house.  What are your plans for the weekend?  Do you prefer Saturdays or Sundays?  Sleeping in to give yourself a restful indulgence, or waking up early to start the weekend off on your terms?  Do you like Ostriches or emus better?  Pogo sticks or unicycles?  Has anyone ever tried to ride a unicycle?  Coffee or tea?  Tree-houses or forts?

Since it's been a couple of weeks or so that a Friday post has appeared, I've got a lot of linkage to share.  Enjoy!

First, I really dig alternative surfaces, such as this cabin wall, this library desk, and this bath-mat.

AAAaaaahhhh, check OUT this ROOM!!! Don't you want to curl up and drift into the dreams of your childhood and all things warm and comfortable?  This room + a good book + a glass of hot chocolate = perfection.

Lindsey, if you're reading this, here's a Hill family cake if I ever saw one.

I like this chart that helps you to keep track of your own global domination.

Wait!  Here's another awesome alternative surface!

And, an important announcement for Memphis:

This coming Monday, there's going to be a march downtown for gay rights.  I hate that I can't attend, however, I have parent/teacher conferences until 7.  It comes at a very appropriate time as sadly there has been a considerable amount of inappropriate conduct toward the gay community both politically and in certain social and religious circles.  Not to mention that recently there have been a string of suicides involving closeted and/or bullied homosexuals.

My friends and I  were recently discussing the absurdity of the rights that the gay community are denied.  As far as "Don't ask, don't tell", we felt pretty sure that any problems with sexual preference within the army and whatever issues that may cause should have been thrown out when women were accepted into the army.  Don't get me wrong, we don't need to back-track (that was progress), however, a person's sexual preference is completely personal.

As far as the adoption controversy goes, I think Dan Savage hits the nail on the head:

And, last but not least, an amazing speech in support of gay marriage:

So, please, attend if you can.  And, if not, then just help to pass the message of love and tolerance in our community and in our world.

Also, if you feel like coming down to midtown tonight, come check out Project Sketchbook on Broad Ave.  from 6-10.

Have a most beautiful weekend!

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