Movie night

5:59 PM

This weekend was truly a blast, however, I have tragically lost my camera.  She was one of my best friends of the past four years, and my link, tool, and proof that I do in fact aspire to be a photographer.  I'm really hoping that it turns up, however, I have a sinking feeling that I may never look through its viewfinder or see the pictures from this past weekend ever again :(.

So, I don't have any pictures of the extravaganza, but it was indeed a ton of fun.

Also, I cleaned my house like a maniac before everybody came over.  I was so proud of the job I had done that I went around the house and took beautiful pictures of it to provide a tour for those people who have not yet seen Joey and I's new home.  The pictures are lost with my camera, so I created a beautiful rendition of our bedroom in photoshop.  It's basically the same thing as the photograph, just without beautiful lighting.

Didn't we do a great job with the decorating ;)

Anyway, I was hoping to have a full on visual play-by-play of Garre's birthday movie night, but alas, I must sum it up in words:  Great friends, great food, great movies, great fun!  I definitely recommend having a movie night in your backyard complete with bed sheet as screen, fire pit for smores, blankets, chairs, music, and some booooooze!!!  So if anybody wants to go in on a digital projector, just let me know!  

I missed Friday's post because of a completely different distraction.  I had unintentionally picked up 3 stray dogs who needed to find their owners, so I had, that's right, 5 dogs on my hands Friday night and Saturday morning and one cat who spent the night in the chimney safe from the dogs.  The good news is that all dogs found their homes that next morning.  Yeay!

So, since I missed the Friday post, let me give you some fun links for the week instead of the weekend:

Some munchies for your halloween festivities :)

Beautiful ideas for a rainy day...

A sexy little get-up for a halloween weekend bash.

I've been avoiding wedding websites and pictures for quite a while simply to enjoy a break from all wedding chaos.  However, I do stumble across wedding shoots here and there around the web, and this one looks like an AMAZING wedding!  I love EVERYTHING about it :)  Doesn't it make you smile?

An awesome DIY felt rug.

A truly inspirational video.  I want to join these women, despite my fear of falling.  This seems like just the way to face it:

Send it sistah ! from sébastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

Once again, I found this video off of Pacing the Panic Room.

Also, to finish off the weekend, my mom and I went to the matinee showing of Wicked.  I have a hard time getting in to a lot of musicals, but I've got to say... I thought it was GREAT, and I can't get the music out of my head.  I laughed, I cried, and I was totally inspired by the costume designs.  Here's a fun little diddy from the play:

I couldn't decide between this or "Defying gravity" which is also awesome, but I thought Galinda was pretty funny in this song, so I chose this one.

Have a great week!

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