A fresh start...

5:25 PM

This blog was previously an assignment given to my illustration class and I, during Undergrad, intended to help us keep a routine of illustrating and blogging. However, that was back in 2007 and I haven't really touched it since, seeing as how life flies by and before you know it you're in "the game"... the "real world". So, I've erased the previous posts in order to create a clean slate for which to record my life and, hopefully, my progress. So, here it is... a fresh start...My goals for this blog are as follows:

  • To document important events in my life, such as my engagement to my fiance, Joey, the anticipation of the birth of my nephew, and other exciting events that life presents to us.
  • To motivate myself to create more personal artwork and to document that as well.
  • To display my favorite obsessions, interests, and collections.
  • and, in an attempt to metaphorically create my perfect plant, To allow the blog to grow.
To introduce myself, my name is Megan Travis, and these are my loved one's...
My fiance, Joey, and I

and Darla (the name Underbite is in honor of her smile)                      ... and Nugget, the cat.

and this is my beautiful family!
(If you notice, most pictures of Joey include a goofy expression of some sort.  I love it.)

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