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8:06 PM

Phew, so the weekend flew by and, as usual, it seems like a blur we were so busy.  On Friday, Joey and I went and saw an art exhibit and then had a beer at "The Cove" and then beer and sandwich's at "The Bayou" .  Afterwards, we went home and I finished addressing baby shower envelopes while Joey played on the PS2.
Saturday morning, I did my best to sleep in and then headed over to MCA to put the information and the finishing touches on the baby shower invitation.  There, I struggled with the printers for quite some time and then headed over to Kinko's (now FedEx Office) to print the batch of them.  I was very pleased with the results.  By the time I made it home, it was around 3:00, I had terrible cramps and no Pamprin or Aleve to repel them, and I was tired and hungry, however, Joey was there with a Lenny's sandwich, jalapeno chips, and a cherry coke to greet me and fix me up for a better afternoon.  He got me a heating pad going for my cramps while I ate my lunch and indulged in some nostalgic movie watching with the made-for-TV series of Merlin (I'm a total geek for Arthurian Legend and fantastical storytelling)... Joey, you are a wonderful man and I love you forever!
After watching Merlin for a while, I settled in for a nap and soon after, Joey and I were getting ready to head over to his parents house to partake in Star Trek night.  It was a total blast complete with some laser shooting guns as well as other transporting beamers provided by Joey's Uncle Mike, and the night was served with delicious snacks and Romulan Ale .  It was all pretty fantastic, not to mention that the most recent Star Trek movie directed by J.J. Abrams , the feature presentation for the night, is completely enjoyable to watch.
We ended the night by heading over to our friends Jason and Greg's house where we hung out with them, and our friends Anna (Jason's girlfriend), her friend Christy, and Will.  As always, that too was a good time made merry with good friends, beer, and a nice little fire pit.  After 3 shots of leg spreaders and more beer, we played the drinking game "21".  The game never found its end due to the fact that most of us became too drunk, but it was definitely fun while it lasted.
Sunday, Joey and I met up with Garre, Greg, Jason, and Anna at India Palace for some Indian buffet  *love*  and then we headed to Target to start our first registry .  We kind of walked around for a little bit like lost puppies, but we chose some things for the registry even though the process was kind of overwhelming.  Yeay!  We are checking off more things on the "To-do" list.
I met up with Mama, Daddy, and Bowe at Garibaldi's and finished off the invitations and then handed them over to Mama to stamp and send and then headed home, finishing off the night with this last Thursday's Office episode and The Up series on netflix.

Phew... told you.
P.S. - for some reason I had the urge to give a plug-in for every restaurant, movie, and mentioned event in this post.  Yes, I like creating links.

Here's a fun new blog I found:

Paul at age 7 from the UP series (his idea of marriage):

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