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10:10 AM

So, my search for the perfect dress to wear on my wedding day has begun, and I must say, I have been failing miserably to narrow the search down and have succeeded in finding a bunch of beautiful, fun, and pretty dresses, but still have yet to single out one lucky gown or dress.  I have, in a way, made this task harder on myself as I have limited some of the options in my search to find a used or vintage dress within a thrifty price range, and have found many vintage dresses that I LOVED, but cannot wear due to my busty figure.  So, in an effort to organize and list theses lovely things, and to hear your opinions on them, I'm going to spill out my cluster of findings into these posts.  Your feelings and opinions will always be helpful :)

  • The Vera Wang Dress in Moonlight blue (This was the first dress I really liked, however, as it is pretty non-traditional, I have received mostly negative feedback, but I still want to have it on the table)
Used Dresses:
Vintage Dresses:
and last, but not least, New Dresses:
Phew, and that's the heaping pile of fickle confusion that I have made for myself.  Overwhelming.  Yes, but fun too!  Let me know your thoughts!

and, for your viewing pleasure, "Weird Al" Yankovic Helps Explain Auto Tune (I found this and was amused and, Yes, this is completely off topic).

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