Hooray for long Weekends!!!

3:06 PM

This week has been completely wonderful so far.  On Tuesday night I was able to meet up with my friends Lauren and JB (Jeebs) and share good stories, good drinks, and a few new cocktail recipes as well (courtesy of JB).  On Thanksgiving, I was able to meet some new family members of Joey's family and enjoy the festivities at his place which is always a truly great time.  Although I missed spending time with my family and their traditions on Thanksgiving (getting stuffed and then napping with a football or NASCAR race on the TV), I feel right at home with Joey's family which is a great feeling.  They are wonderful people and I love them.  This weekend, my sister and my brother-in-law are coming in town, so I'll get some family time in then, and we will all find out the name of their new little baby boy on the way.  I can't wait to meet my nephew (due in February)  :)

P.S. - I found out that I had a nephew on my birthday! Best birthday present yet :)

My mom and I went and tried on some dresses today at a Vintage shop in midtown for the wedding.  Their were some extremely pretty dresses, though my bust size has become a serious issue in this search.  I do have to say though... I think I might be coming to a decision :)

I've also been asked to shoot out some ideas for Christmas, so here are some things that I've come up with:
  • Micron archival ink pens... you can find these at most art stores and they're always handy when I'm illustrating.  They come in varying widths, which is always fun to play with.
  • My "favorites list" on Etsy (it's a long list that's been building for a couple of years now, so don't feel overwhelmed): http://www.etsy.com/favorite_listings_public.php?user_id=5772828&ref=favorites
  • a new hair-dryer
  • Art books
  • A gift certificate to frame some artwork that I've been meaning to frame and hang for a while now
  •  A healthy crock-pot cookbook
  • oh, and check this out :)
and that's that!  If anybody needs any ideas for anyone else, I might have some, so just let me know if I can help.  Love you!

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