Dreaming of Thanksgiving

8:18 PM

Ahhhh, I'm dreaming of Thanksgiving week and how it's just around the corner.  I love the anticipation, and, like most other teachers, I am definitely ready for a break.  I love the warm feeling of this specific holiday, and dream about naps that only a post-Thanksgiving meal can encourage.  Plus, the Macy's Day Parade and that nostalgic feeling of waking up as a kid to the sound of the parade on TV and the smells of your families contribution to the family feast.  I can't wait to spend time with family and meet the rest of Joey's family that I have yet to get to know.  So, this post, in honor of my premature daydreams of next weeks holiday, are in honor of Thanksgiving and a collection of things relating to it.


Thanksgiving Dinner for a feast on a budget:

and Part 2...

Also, in case you forget your wine cork at dinner...

These look warm and fun for the winter:

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