Day 9 and... (Drum Roll)... Day 10!!!

4:59 AM

Day 9

So, Day 9 was a lot like Day 4 for me.  It was indeed a problem day.  I think the bad day was due to a number of emotions that hit me at once towards the middle of the day.  I was excited about ending this whole process, but I felt like the day... was.... dragging... on!  On top of that my taste buds, who enjoyed the lemonade drink in the beginning decided to go on strike.  I just didn't want to drink that same flavor again, so I think I took too long procrastinating in between drinks and crashed, physically and emotionally. I had a whole plan of attack for what to accomplish with the house, and, instead, finished only one room in that task.  I got overwhelmed, and, then I took it out on Joey, whether he knew it or not, which wasn't at all fair.  The bad Megan's were winning on Day 9.  However, the day finally finished (still no headaches!) and I happily dreamt of Day 10 and St. Louis :)

Day 10

My happy-dancey song... to celebrate :) ...

I'll be dancing to this in my head all weekend :) BOOM-da-da-da-da-du--da--BOOM

Ahhhh.... I MADE IT!!!  Day 10 was a piece of cake, once more.  The lemonade drink wasn't so bad, anymore, and I spent the day getting ready for Joey and I's little second honeymoon in St. Louis.  It was a fabulous day, I felt great, and had a good amount of energy.  I had to drop my furry ladies off at the vet to get boarded, which was very, very sad.  I hate doing this and afterwards, I constantly worry about them, however, we waited too long to line up a dog-sitter, and the house is no where near ready for a house/pet-sitter, so the vets it is.  The house feels SO EMPTY right now, and I can't imagine how dull life would be without them.  I miss my little Darla and my Noodle-Doodle already (Nugget the cat will be holding the fort down for us). After the traumatic experience of dropping my lovelies at the vets for a little more than a weekend, I swung by Fresh Market to gather my resources for the next 3 days.  You see, I'm not done yet...  The next 3 days (including today which is Day 11) have their own set of rules to follow for coming off of the cleanse.  It's very similar as when you're training yourself to go on the cleanse, but in reverse.  Here's how it goes:

  1. Day 11 - An orange juice diet, to allow your stomach and body to once again become used to a different type of nutrient source, and, because it's liquid, it won't be as much of a shock to your system.
  2. Day 12 - Orange juice in the morning, some fruit for lunch, and a vegetable soup with some 1/2 rye crackers for din din.
  3. Day 13 - Orange juice and/or fruit in the morning, small salad for lunch, and a vegetarian (mostly Raw) meal for dinner.
I'll come back on Tuesday to update you on what/how I ate during our trip and how the whole process of coming out of the cleanse went.  I can tell you one thing, though, I am looking forward to that Orange Juice!!!

I'll also write some thoughts and tips on the whole experience and, please, if you have any questions that I haven't answered through my "daily" journals, then comment below and I'll answer them in that same post.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend and see you on Tuesday!!!

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