Day 4

8:15 AM

So, I haven't really understood what it will feel like when you hit your "bad day" or "problem day".  I think Day 4 was that day for me, though, so let me describe to you my experience...

I still went about my daily routine: SWF when I wake up, start making my drinks after my first "elimination", after all my lemonade requirements have been met then I have my herbal tea laxative.

*Note: While on the cleanse you are supposed to have about 3-4 BM's a day, which I hadn't been having up until Day 2 when I fixed my laxative form (to the herbal tea) and from then on it's been pretty accurate.

Throughout the entire day, however, I still had an ongoing headache that would resurface anytime I overexerted myself (Joey and I were moving around furniture) and I was pretty damn cranky all day long.  I did my best to keep it under wraps, but bad Megan would resurface occasionally and Joey would have to remind nice Megan that the bad Megan's were taking  over.  He was very sweet to me all day long... I can't stress enough how good it is to have an understanding partner throughout this process.  Unless you're single, and then you have the ability to control the amount of food around you.  Day 4 was also the first day that I really began to have cravings.  Like, I kinda felt like Peter Pan here, except the food never showed up.  Maybe by Day 10 I'll be able to hallucinate my food... and maybe, JUST MAYBE, it'll be neon colored!!!

I had a hard time getting Joey to play along with my pretend bowl of popcorn while we had a movie night, though. Maybe next time.

So, all in all, it wasn't that I really felt bad physically, but more emotionally, which is something that the book says often happens when your detoxing. Also, I still wasn't truly hungry, I just began craving certain foods, which are said to be the foods that your getting out of your system at the moment, so, good-bye pizza, good-bye cheeseburger, good-bye ice-cream... because that was definitely what I was craving last night. Little Italy's pizza, Wendy's cheeseburger's (I RARELY even eat fast-food cheeseburgers, but I was CERTAINLY craving one last night), and a big cup of YoLo goodness!

Tip: I wouldn't recommend being anywhere near food on this day... it just agitates the monster more.

That night, I dreamt of slowly putting together the world's most delicious cheeseburger... geez...

Ultimately, the day wasn't horrible, just a challenge, and I got through it, and for that, I feel pretty proud of myself.

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