Day 6 and 7

10:06 AM

Day 6

Day 6 was a good day.  My energy got pretty low at one point, but as soon as I drank some more lemonade, I was good to  go.  I followed my daily routine successfully, and worked on cleaning/organizing the house and working on creating invitations for my friend, Sara.  I've begun to notice that I don't have nearly as many cravings and I'm able to withstand looking at and thinking about food.  In fact, I've been going through all of my vegetarian cookbooks and bread-making cookbooks, marking them with post-its, and organizing them so that I will be prepared to be a healthier eater while gaining experience in the kitchen to become a decent cook as well.  This didn't make me hungry, however, I'm TOTALLY ready for some flavors in my mouth.  Really, going through my cookbooks got me excited about becoming a lot more involved in being more apart of what I eat and being more selective about what I eat.  Once I get through this process, I have high expectations for myself!

Day 7

Nothing much has changed in the consistency of this whole process.  Day 7 was another good day.  In fact... I don't remember getting a headache once that day!  I was able to once again go about my day normally, though I had to wake up early in order to complete my Salt Water Flush so that I could get Noodle to the vet at 9:00 without any hiccups.  Then, I dropped off invitations for my friend Sara.  Her little boy, Isaac, Joey's Godson, turns 1 on June 23 :)  Here are the invitations... They're a bit rushed and my tools were limited as many of them were unpacked, unplugged, and unavailable.

After they were printed, I glued little googley eyes onto the cows.  The insides of the invitations contained the party info.  I'll try to snap a picture of one of the cards with eyes on it.  My device which loads pics from my camera is still currently packed.

After dropping off the invitations, Noodle and I went to the dog park where we met up with Emily and her dog Cooper.  Afterwards, we came home and began to work on the Lake House.  

I haven't written about it yet, but Joey and I recently moved into my grandparents old house.  It was vacant and the family didn't want to sell it, it was certainly going to be cheaper rent, and, to top it off, it's a magical place, so we were happy and honored to be able to move in and maintain it.  I'll definitely be posting on that soon, along with all of the other catching up.  First, I have to conquer this mountain of a quest.

*Warning -- More intimate info. about the cleanse.  If you're not interested in the cleanse and are counting down to when I'm finished talking about it, then just skip on past this part.  I hope you have a great week :)*

  1. I think I've been noticing that the SWF is going through me faster these last few days, which may mean that I'm beginning to reach the ending of my NEED to cleanse (some people want to go further in the detox cleanse and will do a much longer cleanse, like 40-60 days or longer).  There is still waste coming out, which is pretty amazing since I've not eaten solid foods in 8 days (If you remember, I only ate a liquid diet the day before I started), which, in my opinion, is a testament to why a cleanse is a good thing.  We have so much extra "baggage" that we're carrying around and if it's sitting there and it's old, more than likely, when it went in, it wasn't healthy.
  2. I have read several incidences where people speak of mucus showing up around the end of their cleanse.  This being in the form of the sinuses or out the back hatch.  More often than not, it comes out the latter.  I'm beginning to notice this in my own process which is another sign that I'm nearing the end of my adventure :)
  3. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but this hasn't been nearly as difficult as I imagined.  Yes, there have been trying times, however, it's nothing a little focus, willpower, and self-motivation can't handle.  Mind over matter.

Three more days to go!!!

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