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6:23 PM

Life unfolds in the most predictable and unpredictable of ways; always presenting to us the inevitable obstacles that challenge us and take us forward, sometimes throw us back, and sometimes just hold us to a stop until we're able to "pick up the reins" again.  Throughout our individual journeys through life we're faced with overwhelming experiences that, for just one person, can sometimes be close to impossible to face alone.  Our greatest gift and support throughout life are our friends and family... and the two are often interchangeable.

I consider myself to be extremely lucky in that I count many people as great friends.  However, there is only one person who is able to tolerate, even enjoy, my presence with unwavering energy and intrigue for hours and hours on end with every waking hour of every waking day.  I can honestly say that I can't get enough of him and, even though I enjoy my "me time" every once in a while, I always can't wait to be back into "our time".  So, for my best buddy, Joey, who makes me laugh the hardest, puts up with me, and has to spend more time with me than anyone should ever have to, I write this birthday poem:

Joseph Edward

You love me.
You love me when I'm mad.
And of course you love me when I'm sad.
You're there for me when I cry,
and when it's over something silly, you don't pry.
You're ok with me when I sometimes fart smellies,
but you fart too.
And because you love me SOOOOOOOO much...
and I mean all of me, even when I'm saying something that makes absolutely no sense or when I'm driving you crazy by making up the completely wrong lyrics to a song that everyone knows by heart, or waiting for like, FOREVER to clean the litter box... or when I'm just in a mooooood, or when I'm feeling fat and sassy, you know how it is, or when I hoard things like one of those people on TV, or when I forget to take a shower for a day or two, or when I say something mean that I didn't really intend too...
Joey, my best buddy, because you love all of me and so much more,
I can't even begin to express how much I love you!

Happy Birthday, Joey!!!

P.S. - For part of the birthday weekend we stayed up until 2:30 AM partaking in Mad Men libations and photographing ourselves as such.  We're going to send the pictures in to the casting call for a walk on role for fun.  What do you think?  Do we look like we belong on the show?  And which picture do you like better?  We're not expecting anything from it, but it was a hell of a lot of fun staying up so late and playing the part of 60's Ad executives!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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