The Grizzlies and the 60's ad men we love so much...

3:09 PM

John Slattery =            

Two of my favorite dudes, both on the court and in the TV show.

Joey showed me this post and I though it was great and figured I should share it with you.  The post compares each player on the team to their Mad Men "doppelganger".  Yes, it's a hoot.  If you are a fan of both the Grizzlies and Mad Men, then you'll love this.  If you're a fan of Mad Men, but haven't quite gotten into the Grizzlies, then this just may be the hook you've been looking for to sink your teeth into Memphis's NBA action... believe me, it's fun to love the Grizzlies!  And, finally, if you're a Grizzlies fan, but don't watch Mad Men, then the same could be said for leading you into the greatness that is Mad Men.  So, thank you, Joey, and enjoy!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I'll have a post up on Wednesday about my adventures with my family in St. Louis.

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