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Happy Friday, everyone!  The first actual week of school was a successful one and I hope that everyone in the educating business had a good first week as well... and even if you aren't in education and it wasn't your first week back with the kids, I still hope your week was fabulous.

So, Joey and I finally submitted our pictures for the Mad Men casting call.  We didn't read far enough into the fine print, though, that it was specifically one person per entry, which makes sense, but it was fun when we thought we could possibly just send in a shot of the two of us.  Anyway, we improvised with some other shots that we took for the hell of it and pulled individual shots out of those.  These are the ones we chose:

So, what do you think of the individuals?  We don't think they're as fun as the other two, but I do like them a lot.

Go on and vote for us (you can vote once a day btw) at: 
(For me)
(For Joey)
As for Friday fun, check out the cool things I dug up on the internet over the week:

This is hands down the COOLEST sleeping bag I've ever seen!

This is a fun/funny look at people and families as they age.

Be resourceful with your old clothes!

and... something delicious to make your mouth water...

Have a great weekend!

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