St. Louis Trip

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This weekend was Lindsey's birthday weekend.  She turned 29 in the most graceful manner; juggling life as a beautiful and wonderful wife, brilliant new mother, and a successful and (I'm sure) inspiring teacher  (she's also an amazing sister to have too, btw).  She even manages to exercise.  What the hell, right?  I don't have nearly as many responsibilities as she does and completely lazy out when it comes to exercise.  I drink wine every night instead.  Never mind my own issues, though; she looks great and handles her business like a pro.  So, kudos, Lindsey, you're awesome and I hope your birthday weekend was great.  I mean, how could it not be with Pop, Skeeter, and Aunt Wheezer in town :)

Birthday girl and Aunt Wheezer. No, we don't look anything alike :)
Blake made Lindsey an AMAZING chocolate birthday cake with melted almond joys on top.  DELICIOUS... and brilliant!!!

Our biggest adventure of the weekend, besides just hanging out and enjoying being with the family (minus Bowe, though you were in our hearts, Buddy) was going to Grant's Farm.  I have never had the pleasure of experiencing this St. Louis attraction and enjoyed this different kind of zoo quite immensely! I have a little bit of a brain crazy when I get the opportunity to experience things as a kid again, so this was a total blast.

First, we checked out the Clydesdales.  I have always loved horses and riding them and it's always been the draft horses who are my favorite breeds to look at.  They're magnificent.  So, the chance to meet some clydesdales, much less the superstars of the Budweiser commercials was exciting indeed.

Then, we headed over to the main area of the "farm" where we hopped on a tram that road us through some pastures with spotted donkeys, large elk, deer, zebra, a variety of cows, buffalo, yaks, and many more interesting species.

Ulysses S. Grant's cabin that he built for he and his new wife, Julia Dent.

Their mode of transportation and their outhouse just behind the covered wagons.

That spotted donkey that I told you about.

Then, as we finished our tram tour, we rode into the main area of the farm where the real fun and excitement began!

First stop:  Feeding the goats.  Daddy and I hopped in and began bottle-feeding all of the fat and hungry goats.  I was in heaven and since then haven't shut up to Joey about someday having our own goat farm.  I'm kinda really serious.  I would be in heaven if I owned my own goat farm.

Even Gus and Blake joined in on this goat feeding frenzy.

A little bit of goat love.

Gus and I had a blast riding the carousel!!!

We all got to meet this awesome dude.

And after our two "hospitality" drinks, Gus enjoyed chewing/drooling over the empty plastic cups.  Isn't he the cutest little man you ever saw?

Pop, Lindsey, Stroller, and Best new-dad-ever holding the Gusbuster.

And then we all invaded Gus's private bath time.  He was a pretty good sport about it, though.

It was a beautiful weekend and I'm so glad we were able to celebrate Lindsey's birthday with her, Blake, and Gus.  Thank you guys for letting us stay up there with you and enjoy you for a bit and I can't wait to see you again!!!

p.s. - Gus gives Lindsey kisses where he grabs her hair, smiles huge, and then slobbers all over her face.  It's quite possibly the cutest damn thing I've ever witnessed.

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