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6:07 PM

I should put going back to Europe as #31 on the list. 

Back in July, I referenced a list I was working on.  I am most definitely NOT the first person to write a "30 before 30" list (just google it and you'll be able to read all sorts of fun stuff that people have determined to do before 30), but I love the idea of giving yourself time to consider goals that you want to reach, deadlines, whether they be completely ridiculous or legitimately productive and on task with your life's path... or off of it for that matter. I love making lists.  It's quite a lot of fun to do and it helps my scrambled brain to visually grasp order in my own life.  My sister is the QUEEN of lists!  If my list making skills were ever as good as Lindsey's, I believe I might quit my job and get paid to be a professional organizer/counselor.  I'm telling you, the woman is GIFTED!

Anyway, here is my list.  I'm posting it on the blog as a way to avoid forgetting about it and/or ignoring it.  I will complete it!  I WILL!!!

30 before 30
  1. Get a tattoo
  2. Learn to play an instrument (know how to play at least 3 songs well)
  3. Go to New York City, Boston, and Washington D.C.
  4. Go to the City Museum in St. Louis
  5. Illustrate a children's book
  6. Attain my MAT
  7. Begin working on/finish my +45
  8. Memorize 3 poems
  9. Pay off my student loans
  10. Get down to my most comfortable weight 
  11. Train the dogs to sit, stay, lay down, and not pull on the leash
  12. Get a bike... ride it to any destination that's within 2 miles or so
  13. Learn how to sew to the point where I can create my own unique clothes
  14. Go camping with Joey on Isle Royale
  15. Understand and speak spanish well enough to carry on a simple conversation
  16. Learn to surf
  17. Have a day of Sun Studio's and the Civil Right's Museum
  18. Design a custom-made header for Underbite
  19. Visit Bowe down in Oxford before he friggin' graduates!!!
  20. Attempt the master cleanse (over the summer, though, so I don't smell at work)
  21. Take a trip with Joey up to Chicago by train
  22. I want to be able to do 100 push-ups in one sitting
  23. Create a simple, yet highly functional wardrobe where the majority of the clothing items are utilized consistently
  24. Write and create a short film with Joey
  25. Meet an elephant (if I can ride it that'd be even cooler!)
  26. Begin volunteering regularly
  27. I want to go to more musical concerts, but more than anything, I want to attend one that will top the list of my favorite concerts that I have been to.
  28. Finish reading the Count of Monte Christo from start to finish
  29. Go vegetarian for a year
  30. Raise chickens
So, that's that.  What are some things you want to do within 5 years or so?

I hope your Monday was a good one and that the rest of the work-week goes splendidly!

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