Lots of Love!!!

4:59 PM

As the year's day of love starts off next week, this weekend seems to be the best time to celebrate!  So, in honoring of loving... not just a significant other, but many things, here is my Valentines Weekend post:

deathbun 5000

First off, how far would you go for love?

Don't forget to love what you eat...

Show some love to some worn out clothes!

Show some love to your house.

Love your town.

Dobby loves socks...

Forget lovemaking in the bed... do it in a home-made love fort!!!

So, I hope everyone has a most lovely of loveliest weekends and that you show some love to yourself, someone you love, your house, your pet, a stranger, or anything for that matter (or all of the above!).  

Goodbye for now and love to all!

P.s. - I'm going to show some love to Underbite... this was its 100th post!!!

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