Happy Weekend!

8:55 PM

This weekend, I'm joining my fellow grad students in hanging our show.  I would love for anyone interested to come check it out, and will have a small handful of invitations to pass out soon :).

Because this small series was so detail intensive, with stippling and such, I have noticed a significant change in my eyesight... and not for the better.  I've been squinting a lot more lately.  So, an appointment with the eye doctor is going to be due soon, and, for the fun of it, I've been eyeballing frames that have been calling my name.  Tell me, which is your favorite of these two?

Red transparent Round Vintage Eyeglasses
Paradise Blue Vintage Eyeglasses Frame

I found both of these vintage frames at this awesome etsy store.  If you want to look around for a unique pair of glasses, then this is a good starting point!

And, for some weekend fun links...

Have I shown you this yet?  If I have, I'm showing you again... because it's awesome and reminds me of what I used to do with my toys when I was in high school... but much more successful.

Fun fabrics for sewing projects...

Check OUT this AWESOME video!  It's mesmerizing!

I've been fantasy moving to all sorts of places via sabbaticalhomes.com.  Join me in this daydream adventure!

Kuhldesignbuild.com = awesome.  Check out their portfolio and that pirate ship in a little boys bedroom!

I do believe I, I mean my students and my nephews, could benefit from these.  I might just have to invest.

And, although it may be a bit creepy, I have to admit that when I saw this, I considered for a minute if I could pull it off as an everyday purse or not... you know, as a fun little fashion accessory :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
And help me ponder the glasses; red or blue?

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