Day 2 and 3

3:06 PM

"I love this drink, I love this drink, this drink is SOoo good, I love my drink..."

Day 2:

Day 2 really was pretty great.  I felt really positive all day long, did a lot of cleaning and organizing around the house, and never felt too hungry.  On thursday, I did my SWF, whOOoooosh, and then I had 6 glasses of lemonade throughout the rest of the day.  The only problems that I ran into was a slight headache towards the end of the night and I figured out why my laxatives weren't working... because they weren't laxatives.  Now, before you go thinking I'm an idiot, and, well, yes I can be, but bear with me.  Have you been to a Whole Foods in their laxative section... it's really overwhelming.  I should have asked for help, but I thought I was hot shit and didn't need to ask for help finding the tablets that would help my poo move along, so, I found a pack (amongst the laxatives might I add) that was labeled "First Cleanse -- 2 week supply", so I thought "Perfect", "I've found what I needed".  Well, apparently they're for a different kind of cleanse and are simply vegetable capsules.  I, of course, felt like an dunce when I figured this out.  Luckily, though, I caught the mistake on Day 2, and quickly fixed it with Organic Herbal Laxative Tea.  That night I began to get a bit of a headache, but it wasn't too bad, so I sipped my tea and Joey and I jumped into bed to read our book together (We've been reading a great book together, which I'll be sure to tell you more about!). By the morning of Day 3, all was moving along as it should! 

Day 3:

So, Day 3 is generally accepted as one of the problem days throughout the cleanse.  The body's toxins begin to release, the mouth begins to get a "fuzzy" sensation to it, and, sometimes, though Joey swears I don't smell, people begin emitting an odor which is caused by the toxins leaving the body.  We either poop, pee, sweat, breath, or snot them out.  Lovely, I know.  But, hey, you're getting them OUT!!!

My Day 3 really wasn't so bad, even though it's beginning to take a little more will-power to drink the lemonade every day.  According to the book your allowed to add some variety with water and organic herbal teas, which I have been and I highly recommend so as to give your taste buds a little treat.

I went through my daily routine, drinking my SWF and then drinking 6 glasses of lemonade throughout the day.  I did, however, begin to get that subtle headache about mid-day, which grew a bit into the evening.  To counteract it, though, I pampered myself with a lovely hot bath, a Marilyn treatment to my hair (which was LOVELY), and some time spent just chillin' by my parents pool.  No stupid headache is going to get me down!  

That night, Joey and I drove into midtown to go see our friends Angela and Dani, and our friend Emily's mom in a GLEE-ful Cabaret at TheatreWorks.  We were joined by Emily and her boyfriend, Justin.  It. Was. So. Much. FUN!!! If it had not been for our friends in the show, I think Joey would have thought the he had been abducted and brought their as torture.  Glee + any kind of Musical Performance = Hell for him.  Don't get me wrong, he loves theatre, just not musicals, but I think even he enjoyed it.  Well done ladies!!!

Last night, after the play, we came home, watched the season finale of Extras, and, after I had my special tea, went to bed.  All-in-all, besides the constant, but not terrible headache, it wasn't a bad Day 3 at all.

Goodbye for now and love to all!

My favorite "Glee" song from the show:

I had never heard this song before... This song + the choreography...Tickled my funny bone!

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