Day 8

11:40 AM

On my 8th day of this adventure, I had planned to be mightily productive but instead proved simply to be lazy.  As far as the cleanse went, it was business as usual.  I feel like I should be giving you new insights into the small details of the everyday experience during a Master Cleanse, however, I'm afraid I would just become redundant, if I haven't already.

The day was beautiful, I slept in late for the first time in a long time, and, towards the very end of the day, I did pick back up where I left off on the process of bringing the house together.  This is going to be a looooong process.  I'm excited for the end product, however, I'm not quite sure that I can see the end yet.  Today I walked around the house and took exterior and interior photographs to share with you as well as to use as "Before" and "After's" (I'll get those photographs to you when I find my Memory Card Converter Drive).  I'm hoping to have most everything finished up by the end of the summer so that we can begin having guests over to enjoy the house and the lake.  Lets keep our fingers crossed!

I hope your week is going well!  Tomorrow's Friday, and, guess what?  Joey and I's anniversary is this weekend (We've been married for a year now!) and we're headed up to St. Louis to have a mini-vacation to celebrate our forever buddiness and to relax and have fun.  I can't WAIT to head up!  I've got a looooong list of things we want to do and I'm SO excited to be eating my first solid meal somewhere yummy!

Talk to you tomorrow!

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