Cheers and Happy Birthdays!!!

9:38 AM

Today I woke up at 6:00 am to go take a 2 hour test that's required in order for me to gain certification as a teacher.  Well, I woke up and I took the test, and ended up having the eery and familiar feeling of just having taken the ACT and not feeling as confident in my test-taking as I should.  I drove home feeling insecure and down about the whole thing, knowing that I shouldn't until I get test results back.  Regardless, it's that old familiar feeling.  So, in order to drag myself out of this selfish pity party, I'm looking on the bright side of life...

Today is a beautiful day, and best of all it's a wonderful day for birthdays!!!  So Cheers to these lovely birthday boys...

The most important birthday of all today is my grandfather, B.B.'s.  A wonderful, intelligent, and witty man.  Never to back down in an argument without making sure that his opinion is heard, B.B. is pretty famous, locally, for his letters to the editor as well as his participation in WWII as the co-pilot of a B-24 plane that was eventually shot down and the passengers taken as prisoners of war in Germany.  Later, after his experiences of being a family man, marrying my beautiful grandmother, Annie, and raising my aunt and my mother, and working as a pilot for American Airlines, along with many other life experiences, he wrote a book about these life events.  His book, though very privately owned and distributed, is an extremely interesting reflection of his life and the war.  B.B. has always been a hero and role model of mine, a source of inspiration, who I strive to do my best for and I'm sure has served as a hero figure and role model for my siblings cousins, and others in my family as well.  Cheers to you B.B. (Margaritas!)!!!  I love you and I hope your birthday is a truly beautiful day!

For my other birthday boy:
Claude Monet:  1840- Dec. 5, 1926

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Impression, Sunrise 1872 18.90 x 24.80 in

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