Pull out your sweaters...

9:28 PM

Ahhh, December.  The heater running, mice finding little nooks in the house to seek refuge from the cold outdoors, a few extra minutes in bed to savor the warmth... these are things that I find endearing about the winter-time.  Even the mice... a part of me likes the idea of sharing my space with another living being that needs it, as long as it respects my space, and then I will respect theirs in return... and so far, thanks to Nugget, the mice have been extremely respectful.  The cold rainy days, waiting, shivering for the car to warm up as you drive to work, and feeling claustrophobic in all my layers of clothing, are the days I like to skip over when daydreaming about the winter season.  Admittedly, I am a summer girl and at times this time of year is a struggle for me, so, occasionally I need to subconsciously lift my spirits up from any seasonal depression I may be having and scout out things to psyche myself up about the cold.  As a constant pit stop in my internet meanderings, apartmenttherapy.com has succeeded in exciting me about winter-time with excellent posts focused on adjusting your home for the winter, which, often-times, adjusts your attitude as well.  So, I'd like to share some of them with you.  Enjoy!

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