Fall Cleaning/Re-Arranging for the New Year...

1:44 PM

I feel that I might need a disclaimer for this post.  So, for your own good, beware that the pictures that you are about to see are the product of many months of a busy schedule, lack of space, and a very large collection of an assortment of clothes and objects meant for a theoretical garage sale in the Spring.

Pre-New Year's Winter Cleaning Time!!!

Darla is a bit apprehensive.

So, the goal is that I'm going to get the house cleaned and organized by the end of the week in order to start the New Year off properly, with a clean house and mind.  I'll post before and afters as I finish.  One thing though... please don't judge... the house is unusually messy this time around.  So, even though it's usually a bit messy, this particular season has been particularly unruly and therefore presents a greater challenge.  Wish me luck!
The Living Room

The Bathroom: 
(I need to fix the toilet which needs new parts in the tank and will no longer flush except for with the help of a hanger)

The Hall Closet

The Bedroom: 
(This is where it gets particularly bad)

The Dining Room/ Computer Room:

and last but not least, The Kitchen:

and "Fin"... like I said, wish me luck!

Goodbye for now and love to all!

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