This Morning's adventure

12:32 PM

So, in a previous post, I had mentioned that I had a special guest(s) in my house.  Today, we met.  Turns out that the "Mice" was actually a rat that ended up jumping out as I pulled out a poop scoop bag before I walked Darla.  Luckily, my trusty feline was there at my side to assist.  Here's the breakdown of the situation.  8:20 AM:

 +   =
Nugget, the fearless feline + Me, my new manicure, and my broom = One large brown rat chased (or shooed) safely out into the backyard.  Good work young Nugget (High Five... do cats have 5 little fingers on their paws... hmmm... I'll have to check)!!!

This is my example of what the rat looked like.  I feared for Nugget's life.

So, the rat lost his home and I was able to rush to an appointment I  had at 9:00 AM this morning in Germantown.  I wish him well on his journey, however, like I said, if he had respected my space, I would have respected his.  Farewell, Rattie!

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