Merry Christmas Eve!!!

5:23 PM

Last night, the power went out in my duplex as well as the duplex next door... but not completely.  See, I had two sockets working (one in the kitchen and the socket for the TV), and the kitchen light still worked, so, though it doesn't make a lot of sense, not all of the power went out.  The dryer, fridge, and the majority of the rest of the power left me alone in the dark scratching my head.  So, it's Christmas Eve, and I have spent the day wrapping presents and drawing in the dark.  Don't worry, I'm not complaining, just reliving the day.   It was kind of funny the amount of times I went stumbling through my bedroom due to the humongous pile of clothes that I have not yet gotten around to sorting.  MLGW had to send out a man to look at my electrical meter (he came out relatively soon after my call!), who then had to send out 2 men to check it out, who then had to send out for 3 huge electrical trucks and a group of men to come turn my lights back on.  When they finally came on around 4, I thanked them with a pack of coke to split.  Hey, it's Christmas Eve, it's nasty, grey, and rainy, and they had been working on it all day long.  I was pretty grateful for them.  So, for once I'd really like to say "Thank you MLGW, you did a wonderful job!"

To catch you up since the last post, last Saturday I volunteered at the school to help out a charity called Help-Portrait.  This organization allows families a chance to get a free 8x10 in. family portrait.  It was a really good experience and if you get a chance, check out their web-page and see what you can do to help out or to get them involved in your community.

(This was a picture that one of my sweet 4th graders, Amber, took of me.  Afterwards she was a regular photographer with my camera until she and her mom had to leave.)

Last Thursday was the last day with the kids before Christmas Break and we had a talent show.  After the talent show, I got some of my fourth graders to come down and help me clean my room up before the Holidays.  We had a good time and I have to say, it's been hitting me recently, just how hard it's going to be to leave the kids at Oakhaven if I end up moving in the next year or two.  I can't wait to experience a new city, however, the idea of leaving my students breaks my heart.  When the inevitable happens, and I do move, it will indeed be very bittersweet.

Finally, to close up this post, this past weekend was devoted to pulling off the best possible baby shower possible for little Gus.  Lindsey's friend, Emily, was the brains and organization behind the shower, her friend, Megh, allowed us into her home to hold and to host the shower, and I helped out when needed.  The turn out was awesome and Gus went home with lots of baby schwag to welcome him when he arrives.  Emily made the cake and the sandwiches (all of which were DELICIOUS!) and Megh's home was an awesome place for a baby shower (very cute decor!).  So, all-in-all, I would say it was a success!

Little Gus Cake

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