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6:42 PM

     I have been bum-rushed by my own to-do list and the holiday season as I am sure many people have.  So, I wanted to apologize for the temporary pause on my blog, I believe I'm going to have a little more time now, so the routine will re-boot very soon now (knock on wood).  I wanted to give a re-cap on a few fun tiddly-bits going on in and around my world right now... come join me in catching up!

     First off!  My nephew now has a name!!! (Drum Roll.............)  From hence forth (hence being from whenever Lindsey and Blake actually decided on the name), the little firecracker shall be known as Augustus William Hill!!!!!!!  He will be going by the name of Gus for the majority of the family, but I believe for Joey and I, he will go as Augie Bill Hill or Augie Willy Hilly (Joey prefers Augie Bill Hill).  As far as I know, my dad will be called "Pop", my mom has not decided on her name yet, Joey will be Uncle Joey, I will be Aunt Wheezer, and I really want Bowe to be Uncle Bodozer, but of course that decision will be his to decide.  We all eagerly await little Augie's arrival!

    Second, I wanted to show everyone what my students (K-4) at school have been working on.  We have been studying warm vs. cool colors, collage, and Eric Carle, and have been creating Under the Sea Collages.  They are coming out wonderfully so far.  I know I'm biased, but I think they're doing a great job.  So, here are a few of the collages, I really just chose some that were easy to grab as I have a serious overload of them as all of my grades are doing one.

This is one of my second grader's collage.  The collaged fish have not yet been added, but it's going to look awesome when they are.

I have stacks and stacks of these collages.  I am extremely ready for this week to come to an end so I can begin organizing my classroom again.

These photos are my examples of how the project should go.  You start with the background painting, using cool colors, and then collage manilla paper as the sand and different shades of green tissue as seaweed.  Using crayons to add details such as sand texture, texture in the seaweed, and other small objects like crabs, seashells, and schools of fish, etc. spice up the artwork a bit.  Then, the class creates "texture sheets" using crayons and creating patterns and then painting over these "textures" with watercolors, creating a crayon resist painting.  Finally, the students take their "textures" and cut out underwater sea objects such as jellyfish, sharks, octopi, mermaids... whatever they can come up with, and Voila! You have an awesome Under the Sea Collage! 
There are so many awesome collages that the kids have done; I haven't had a chance to really rifle through and pull out some of the more creative ones... plus, none of them are quite finished yet.  So, I'm going to make it a point to start taking more pictures of them as the students complete the project.

I'm going to post more photographs of the students work as soon as I organize and shoot more pictures of them. So, stay tuned.

And, lastly on this long post of mine, I wanted to show the design for the Save the Date cards that Joey and I are going to use. I did it with pen and ink and I'm going to play around with using some color throughout to see if I like it colored or in black and white. I would like to hear other opinions too when I actually get around to tinkering with it. Anyway, here it is...

Goodbye for now and love to all!

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