In the corner...

2:35 PM

I'm upset with myself today.  I've been working hard on my literature review for my thesis, professional portfolio, and carrying out research in the classroom.  I've been video-taping a first, third, and fifth grade class playing different art games, as well as creating a classroom tour.  All of this I'm going to use as research, but also include it into my professional portfolio as a digital dvd with examples of lessons and a tour of the classroom.  This last Monday, the third grade class had the most excellent class EVER and it was SOOOO much fun.  I mean, we had an ABSOLUTE blast.  Literally a perfect class to catch on video.  Then, today, I taped the first grade class, who is usually really awesome, but today decided to act ridiculous... and guess what... I forgot to change tapes and accidentally taped over the awesome class.  I nearly started crying in the middle of my next class when I realized it.  So, for this Wednesday, I'm walking myself into the time-out corner for being an idiot and regressing in my progress. *Insert slap across the head here.

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