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7:11 AM

I think designer brands are pretty ridiculous, however, that doesn't mean that they're not fun to look at... like exotic bird watching or something.  Louis Vuitton is no exception to this fanciful frivolity, selling tote and handbags for around $3,000 (give or take a few).  I mean, why would you spend the cost of a used car on a purse that's going to end up littered with balled up receipts and have crumbles of granola and gum floating in the creases?  That's what everybody's purse looks like, right?

Regardless of the ridiculous nature of this hugely popular brand amongst celebrities and the upper class, Louis Vuitton has begun making "City Guides" of popular destinations all over the world.  A few are accompanied by charming little video "illustrations" which are wonderful to watch.  So, ridiculous, yes, but I'm truly enjoying these little mini-films.  Check out the video from Paris:

Video found via Honestly...WTF

If I were in Paris, or hell, if I were in Memphis, enjoying a day where I could leisurely explore and pick out the most delicious little pastry I could find and then find a park bench to sit and read a book on, I'd want to be wearing this:

Photograph found via the Sartorialist

I hope everybody's week is going well!  Any good highlights so far?  What are you daydreaming about during your work week?

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