7:35 PM

Pssst... here's a sneak peek at a detail of my piece I'm working on for the art show.  It's still in pencil, so you'll have to squint...

Also, I really want to try to replicate these clothes with only me, my scraps, my sewing machine, and I... and any other possible tools it might require...

Suddenly Detailed TankConnection ShellPaint-Box BlouseDecade-By-Decade SkirtFirst Mate SkirtYup, just browsing Anthropologie's new arrivals.  If I were to in fact buy all of these items, I would spend $510... + tax of course.  Yeah, I know. I think I could at least come close to the ending product for possibly the price of dinner at a pizza place, just sayin'.  But of course, I can't talk the talk unless I can walk the walk, so let me shut my big mouth until I've got some home-made fashion ready to show you.

Happy Hump Day!

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