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6:25 PM

Check it out... I know this is redundant having two articles from apartmenttherapy.com featured one post after the other, but I was reading *this article and started thinking about how Memphis gets a ton of water as well and how Memphians should probably think about these alternative ways to saving and using water more efficiently.  I mean, even though we often associate Seattle with granola, music-loving hipsters, and a general concern for a "greener" lifestyle, that doesn't mean that the South, as well as the rest of the U.S. can't live up to or at least make an effort to work towards a more environmentally conscious ideal as well.

*The article is a quick and informative look on using cisterns to collect rainwater for use within the home water supply as well as irrigation for the yard.  This not only saves money, but it also conserves water, prevents stormwater pollution, offers high-quality water for your plants and yard, as well as earns green building credits.

So, anyway, back to my discovery.  After having read said article, I began thinking about how much rain Memphis gets and began to wonder what exactly our rainfall per inch per year was compared to "The Rainy City's".  I did a quick google search and found this article, which opened my eyes to a lifetime of misconception of the city of Seattle.  Apparently, Memphis is wetter... and so are many other major cities not known for it's rainfall.

So, yeah, I was really excited upon discovering this.  It might not be as exciting as I'm making it out to be and it may simply point out my ignorance so as the weather in America is concerned, but I thought it interesting enough to share.

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