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I've been so busy lately that it's been really hard keeping up with everything, however, I can't even begin to express the sense of excitement each day brings.  Last Thursday was my last real class in my climb to achieve my Masters.  This coming fall I'll be writing my thesis, but then I'm done!  Hooooooray!  Also, Summertime is slowly creeping up and with the gradual approach of fun last days with the students as well as the oncoming summer break, Joey and I have only 33 more days until the big day!!!  So, I'm picking up the slack from when I was prioritizing my classes over wedding planning and, with the help of all of my friends and family and especially Joey, checking off "To Do's" one by one.

On top of finishing up the school year for the summer, Joey and I are also trying to figure out where we and our little family of rugrats will hang our hats and call home.  We've looked around for places to rent, however, it seems that, unless your looking for an apartment, the choices are slim pickings here in Memphis right now, however, there's an abundance of houses for sale.  So, if you don't mind... what do you think?  Rent... or buy?  We're juggling both ideas, and I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Also, this is random, but when I first began looking for a wedding dress, I knew I wanted to find a reasonably priced vintage dress, but a dress my size never found its way onto my radar.  Really, I looked all over town throughout antique stores to thrift stores and spent tons of time sifting through the bowels of the internet.  I would have loved to have worn a beautiful blue dress, but I decided that an ivory dress would be a better decision.  So, if you haven't seen the dress I picked out, then here it is (Joey, don't peek).  Anyway, to return to my point, I recently found an awesome vintage dress that actually matches my measurements, and it's only $72.00.  Check it out.  Would it be too frivolous to wear it as a dancing dress at the wedding?  Regardless, if anyone else sees it and wants it, go for it, cause if it found its way to an owner who would wear it as THE wedding dress, then I think that would be wonderful!  Isn't it fun!

and, for fun...

I know I've stated this before in a previous post, but I would probably give up both pinky fingers to live in a hobbit hole.  Wouldn't you?

This incredible interior of a hobbit dollhouse taken from

Goodbye for now and love to all!

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