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One of my favorite pictures of Darla chillin' on the weekend from when we were living the single life.  Once I go pick up my camera up from St. Louis, I'll have more relevant and up-to-date pictures, but until then, you can look at how cute my little rolley poley is!

Ahhhh, yeay, it's the weekend!  Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays simply taste so delicious once they arrive!  This morning, while letting the ladies out to do their business, I noticed that the air had that broken fever feel to it, that lets you know that fall is slowly arriving.  Not necessarily a cool feeling, but not a sweltering one, either.  Even the oak leaves are becoming too heavy from the summer's intensity, dying, and falling to the ground, creating a crunchy "ball pit" of sorts for Noodle and Darla to play in.  It felt amazing outside and was a quick reminder to the fact that a hammock hanging in the trees by the lake, with a book and a blanket would be PERFECTION!

This weekend, I want to clean the house...I mean really tackle it and set Joey and I up for an easy cleaning/staying organized and relaxed and productive routine.  I know I've made this statement a trillion times, but perhaps if I keep working towards it and keep failing, eventually I will reach success.  Our place today, as compared to my bachelorette abode's is already a good assessment of how I have improved over the years, believe it or not. 

Also, I'm working on at least 3 projects; 2 art, and 1 knitting, and I have several ideas for Christmas that I need to jump on, and ideas for other creative endeavors, like taking a stab at writing/illustrating children's books and collaborating on writing/film projects with Joey (I absolutely love that he includes me and invites me into his passions... I'm extremely lucky).  I need to get organized first, though... for my own sanity, but the excitement of so many ideas keeps me constantly motivated.  So, here we go, Fall, get ready for some serious business!

Anybody want to check out some fun links...

A really fun housewarming party idea!

How big of a backyard do you need to live off the grid?  You'd be surprised!

Ok, I'm a little bit obsessed with Lush.  They cater to my eco-friendly desires, create amazing products, as well as motivate me to care a little bit more about my beauty routine... which, in the past, is not something I've invested much time into.  So, when I recently ran out of my facial moisturizer, I decided to go to Lush to try out one of theirs.  I chose Imperialis and I LOVE it!  It makes my face feel amazing, and it smells warm and earthy, which I love.  Also, I'm eyeballing this little package of joy as well!

Have I talked about how great Jim Henson is lately?  Let me fix that...   
(Thanks for thinking of sending me the link, Blake!)

Pointless street Flyers... Hilarious!

Oooo, pretty, I might add this to my "To-Do's" for the weekend!

And, last, but not least, once I grow my hair back out again, I want to find the right person to help me to pull this off!  So pretty!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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