In the celebration of Earth Day...

8:14 PM

I found this trailer while I was perusing  Immediately, as I watched the trailer, I felt the familiar tingle of emotions shoot through my body that movies such as Baraka, All the Real Girls, and the Gods Must be Crazy stirred within me as I watched them.  I realize that this is an extremely random assortment of movies to group together,  however I do feel that what they all hold in common is a respect for humanity and an honesty and insight into human emotions that many movies try to glamorize, but these movies simply observe.  After viewing the trailer, I found the website and joined and will definitely get Joey to join as well, in order to participate in this amazing project.  Check it out...

One Day on Earth


All the Real Girls

The Gods Must be Crazy

Ok, this one may have been a stretch to add on to the list, but I love it, and everyone should watch it anyway, so I'll add it.

Goodbye for now and love to all!

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