I've been a bit distracted lately. Let me show you why...

3:10 PM

Ok, so, if Graduate school, teaching, wedding planning, and figuring out where we're going to live, weren't enough things to think about, Joey and I fell into another exciting addition to our lives.  By the way... I'm definitely not complaining about these things, because, although a little stress comes with the territory, these past few months have been the most unbearably exciting ever.  Anyway, to return to the point, Joey and I have found that we now have a new little girl in our lives... Noodle (or Noodles, whichever you prefer, singular or plural)!

Joey found Noodle dodging traffic on Poplar and, after watching another person try to get her out of the street unsuccessfully, got out of the car and attempted to himself.  Noodle apparently ran up to him and basically jumped into his arms.  She was pretty dirty and hadn't been well taken care of, so Joey took her to the vet, and they checked everything to see how she was doing.  Apparently she's fine, she had a worm and some fleas, but they gave her medication to take care of both of those issues, and the vet told Joey that her skin irritations, skin and bones body, lack of thick hair, and eye junk (Joey had to bathe her and work around her eyes to relieve her of her buildup of "crusties") would slowly begin to go away with proper nutrition and diet for a puppy.  Other than those set-backs, she's fine and dandy.

So, for a minute there we were looking out for signs of good homes for our little "Stray dog" as we were calling her so as not to get attached, but then, we ended up falling for her anyway, and then Noodle officially entered our lives.  She's bizarre, but she's precious.  I can't wait for everyone to meet her!


Noodle and I got some socializing in at Wing Fest with sunshine, beer, wings, and wonderful friends!

Goodbye for now and love to all!

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