Rainy Sunday Morning

8:05 AM

Once again, I have taken forever to post... however, Spring Break is almost here and the goal for that week is to catch up and get ahead, so everybody cross your fingers!

Joey and I have been rocking and rolling on the wedding planning.  The square wheel is beginning to wear down to a circle and rolling faster each day!  This weekend, I spent a lovely day with my mom getting some wedding necessities decided on and checked off and then Joey and I caught a Grizzlies game against the Warriors (Grizzlies won!).  Today we're going to go to the Church on the River, possibly enjoying some brunch, catching The White Ribbon at the Ridgeway Four, and then going to Joey's basketball game.  Whew.
I'm pretty excited about seeing The White Ribbon.  It's a movie that gives us a glimpse into the lives of the inhabitants in a village in Protestant northern Germany where strange accidents begin to happen on the eve of World War I.  From what I understand of the movies content, it's a story of this innocent little village where dark events begin to happen, but it also serves as an observation into the early developments of pre-Nazism.  Kind of heavy for a Sunday,  I know, but if you watch the trailer, the photography of the movie is so breathtakingly beautiful, and the characters seem so authentic, that I can't wait to be able to experience it.

So, for this relaxing rainy Sunday morning, I haven't quite gotten a chance to pull together a fluid post focusing on one topic, so I figured I would give ode to some wonderful things that I have found while scrolling through the internet.  Hope you enjoy!

 Happy second day of Spring!  It's finally here!

First, after browsing through dress after wedding dress, after wedding dress, I have to say that if I were filthy rich, then a Wai Ching dress would be what I would go for... particularly the Zolotova Dress.  Stunning!

And, speaking of clothing designers coupled with the fact that apparently starting at my age, babies orbit the world, check out this awesome maternity dress...  also, if you haven't gotten to check out pacingthepanicroom.blogspot.com's new maternity series, it's super awesome as well.

 I thought this was pretty funny as some of my girlfriends were talking about this Friday night at the bar.  I imagine that I might soon understand their frustrations.

I think this has been posted several times on different blogs, however, I believe it just might be good for the soul, so here it goes again. 

I feel like I've been running constantly into a wall when I try to explain my vision for Joey and I's wedding.  I just can't get some people to envision it.  For instance, yesterday, while trying on dresses, one of the ladies brought me out a veil and handed it to me and I politely handed it back to her and told her that I wasn't that big into veils and wanted to opt for flowers in my hair instead.  After simply staring at me confused for an awkward handful of seconds, she responded saying, well, you know, people dress their veils with flowers as well.  I had to let her know that I really wasn't interested in a veil.  It's just not me.  Although I appreciated her eagerness to help me assemble "the bridal look", and she was an extremely nice lady, little things like that have become pretty constant in my road to getting married, and I didn't think that I was planning a circus, but perhaps I am.  The first dress that I wanted as my wedding dress was blue and I think I just might have given a few women a mini-stroke or two when I told them what I wanted.  Anyway, I thought this wedding, though it looks like it's a bit smaller than Joey and I's will be, is what I consider to be an ideal wedding, and is the kind of relaxed and fun feeling that I am hoping for on June 12th.  Also, I wanted to thank everyone who has been watching and helping this wedding come together and not looking at me like I'm crazy.  I love you :)

Goodbye for now and love to all!

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