Another decision made!!!

5:38 PM

I realize that I am an extremely difficult person when it comes to making decisions. Joey and I's wedding has been absolutely no exception to this fact about my personality.  So, besides being absolutely sure about wanting to marry Joey, every other "wedding planning decision" to be made has been a see-sawish struggle.  Anyway, as June 12th quickly approaches, more and more decisions are being made, and with less of a struggle, which makes both Joey and I extremely happy.  So, today I made yet another decision which I'm extremely happy about and will also be able to create myself... the guest book!

Instead of a guest book, I'm going to copy off of this idea that I found on  Not only is it a lot of fun and gets people in a creative, more intimate, and hands on mood, but also, I can frame it for Joey and I's future home so that it can prove itself a whimsical and meaningful piece of memorabilia of our special day.  That way, instead of shelving the guest book, I can frame and display it instead, and it will always be a reminder of the support and love that we both have in our relationship together.


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P.S. - Today marks the "100 more days" until the wedding day! Exciting!

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