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Wedding plans are slowly starting to come together and I'm beginning to ponder the smaller details more often as the bigger details begin to fall into place.  (By the way... I'm going to be working on an actual "Information Packet" with Joey and I's plans thus far for anyone who is interested.  This will be complete with pictures of the dress and bridesmaids dresses, cake ideas, grooms and groomsmen attire, and much more fun eye candy.)  Anyway, back to what I was saying... I'm thinking about hair.  Usually, when I grow my hair to about this length, I chop it off completely because I prefer it to be short.  However, I realize that it would probably be best to keep it long for the wedding... so I'm going to harness my urge to take some scissors to my hair and instead focus on some pretty hairdo's.  Please, let me know what you think and which hairstyles are your favorites!

I love this up-do with braids.  Her hair is awesome and I want mine to look like that on a regular day as well as a special occasion!

(Photo take from

A similar braided style worn by this beautiful bride.

(Photo taken from

A simple hairstyle, worn by Michelle Williams, without the braids.

(Photo taken from

Although I've shown three up-do's, I'm seriously considering wearing it down and long like Kate Hudson's hair here with some flowers and a pretty hair-comb.

(Photo taken from

So, yeah, let me know what you think!  Or, if you have any other ideas, I would love to hear them!  Thanks!

Goodbye for now and love to all!

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