Stayin' busy early in the week...

9:08 PM

This week has been busy.  Classes started (I've got class Tues., Wed., and Thurs.), I had an observation on Tues. that I believe went pretty well, I've been working on a prop for my buddy Brent, who's creating and managing the design of the event, and school + wedding stuff seals up any left over time.  Phew.  P.S. - Gus is coming soon, oh so soon, and I can't wait!!!

This is the 14 ft. Grizzly's logo that I painted for Brent.  The prop is going to be a doorway into the Grizzly's Gala in which people will be able to walk in and out of the logo's mouth. I finished the prop tonight, however, this picture was taken yesterday, and another layer of paint was needed in order to sharpen the graphic image up a bit.

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