Closet. Check.

10:12 PM

Alright, although it's been a slow process thus far, I've succeeded in keeping the bathroom relatively clean as well as cleaning out and organizing the "hall" closet.  I've also been working on the rest of the house as well, but the weather, as it has been extremely cold, has not permitted Joey or I to begin the cleaning and organizing of my shed outside which will accommodate much of the junk (meant for the garage sale) inside.  However, I am very proud to say that I have tackled and tamed the closet that very closely resembled that of a cartoon with piles on piles of crap spilling out and around it.  So... Hooray... check off the closet.



Nugget, discovering the actual closet for the first time.

So, a small step for the hallway, a giant leap for the house.

P.S. - A GIANT shout out to the Shockers who played like some pros tonight with a blowout game at 71 to 28!!! Joey put up 14 points; four three-point shots and two free-throws, and also played dangerously, driving into the paint in order to make the play. Go Shockers! Shock the World!!!

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