Dreaming of Haircuts

9:47 PM

I have a post that I'm working on that I haven't quite finished writing yet.  So, in order to keep "good" with my resolution to create a post every Wed. and Sun., I'm going to put a short and sweet daydream of the haircut I want after Joey and I get married.  Usually, by the time my hair gets this long, I've already gone and chopped it off, so the fact that I have to wait 6 more months to cut it is driving me insane.  I love having my hair short and I only grow it out every once in a while to remember the long haired feeling.  Well, I'm missing my short-haired normalcy and looking forward to the post-wedding haircut.  This is what I'm thinking and I simply cannot wait for that freeing feeling that comes after you've chopped your hair off!

P.S. - Tonight was a great night.  I came to a decision for the bridesmaids dresses (I believe I'm going with the mocha color) with the help of a few of my wonderful friends, and the Shockers won yet another basketball game, ending with a score of 44 to 38.  Joey scored 13 this game and apparently had a couple of steals during the game.  I'm very sad that I missed this game, as Joey felt that it was the best game he's played yet, but I'm extremely excited that the Shockers did well and that one more "To do" on the Wedding Checklist can be checked off.

Goodbye for now and love to all!

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