Underwater Sea Collages

7:42 PM

In an earlier post I had shown the process of the "Underwater Sea Collage"(based loosely around Eric Carle's techniques) that my students were creating at school.  The project has come to a close and I am extremely excited with the results.  The kids seem to have really enjoyed this project and the ending products are so much fun to look at.  They did a great job!  My pre-K, as well as my Kindergardeners and First Graders, used pre-cut, warm colored fish and line/shape patterns in order to populate their Underwater sea scene whereas my 2nd-4th graders used the their own textures that they created to draw and cut out any fish or underwater objects.

There are so many of these, I could make a post a mile long with pictures of them, however, I'll save you the computer time and catch you up on what the students at school are doing on a later post.  

Goodbye for now and love to all!

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