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Before I start on the reception pictures, I just wanted to add a few that were not added in the ceremony/post-ceremony post, but that deserve to be viewed indeed!

My dad looks pretty jolly in this picture, wouldn't you say? 

And how I have not included adorable pictures of my favorite little family in St. Louis is beyond me!

Plus!  Along with the photo of my handsome little nephew, Gus, I have got to include my adorable new nephew, Jeremy.  This kid knows all there is to know about Thomas the Tank engine and body slamming (Uncle Joey).

I mean, how cute is this photo!!!

Jeannie and little Chopper Whopper.

Isn't Joey SO handsome in this picture!  I think I swoon every time I look at it :).  I am a lucky, lucky lady!

Alright now...  the Reception.  This was the part of the night where the party gets started.  Let's begin  with the first dances, shall we?

Joey and I kicked the dancing off to Yo la Tengo's "Our Way to Fall".  It's beautiful.  If you want to listen to it, I posted a video of the band performing the song in this post.

Then my Pops and I danced to Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World".  :)

Joey and his Mom dancing to (I don't know the artist) "I Hope you Dance".  I love mother and son dances!

Then, after the first dances, it was mingling, dancing, and then, time to cut the cake...

The set up.

The cousin's picture.

MCA picture.

How to cool off.

Cheri's GORGEOUS cake she made for us!!!

"I mean, I'm not into destroying pieces of Art!"

So, so, so GOOOOD!

Thanks, Cheri!

AND... how AWESOME is Joey's groom's cake!!!  Abbey, you did an AWESOME job!!!

Meanwhile, while we're enjoying cake...


The Wedding Tree (essentially a visual Guest book).

All the single ladies!

My game face.

Proof that Dani reached for it!!!

Love you, Dani!

Me telling Joey not to flash everyone if he can help it.

How can you not love that face?

Way to go Owen!  AND, you got engaged the next week or so!

From there on out, it was serious.  It was... BOOGIE TIME!!!

Yeah, if I had to guess two people who were to end up in the pool that night, I would have guessed these two characters.  That's why I love them.

Holographic Glasses make the love even more trippy!

Yes.  This intensity was there the entire night.  It was AWESOME!

Brothers, partners in crime, you know, whatever you'd like to refer to them as.

And then it was time to leave the party.  It was sad to leave, but Joey and I had better things to do, honestly.

The Ford looked so great!  I'm really glad we were able to drive the truck out!

Light up the sparklers!!!

And then I whisked my Groom away!


Hope you enjoyed all of the wedding photo's!  The Honeymoon will be the next round.  Until then, Goodbye for now and love to all!

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